David Ch

Chief Editor at ThumbnailTest


  • Video Content Creation.
  • YouTube Channel Growth Strategies.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Digital Branding.
  • Head editor for Thumbnail Test.


  • Head Editor at Thumbnail Test.
  • Expertise around YouTube: +11 years of experience with video content creation and channel growth strategies.
  • 8 years of implementing content marketing and digital branding techniques.
  • Writing, editing, and curating content on video creation and YouTube growth strategies for Thumbnail Test.
  • Building a go-to resource for YouTube content creators.
  • Exploring new content formats for ThumbnailTest: strategic video content and channel optimization.


David, as the head editor and co-CEO of ThumbnailTest.com, leads a team of content creators, focusing on delivering high-quality video content and effective YouTube growth strategies.

From crafting engaging videos to developing strategies for channel optimization, David and his team have empowered content creators to enhance their YouTube presence.

David’s aim is to produce content that is accessible to all, from novices to experienced YouTubers, making video creation and channel growth achievable for everyone.


David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing & Management from Queen Mary University of London — recognized for its excellence in the UK.


The Company: Thumbnail Test

Thumbnail Test is a leading platform offering insights into effective YouTube content creation and channel growth.

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