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Chris Bolson

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Thumbnail A/B Tester: FAQ

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Can you A/B Test thumbnails on YouTube?

No, you can't do A/B test on YouTube unless you're in the 1% of beta testers. They've postponed this feature's release for +5 year now.

Hence why Thumbnail Test is the #1 thumbnail A/B Tester.

How do I A/B test YouTube thumbnails?

You can A/B Test YouTube thumbnails with Thumbnail Test in 5 steps:

  1. Connect your YouTube channel
  2. Select a video to A/B Test
  3. Upload a few thumbnails
  4. Wait for our system to gather all the data
  5. Find the winner thumbnail

Why would I use Thumbnail Test?

The #1 reason to choose Thumbnail Test is because you obviously can't A/B test through YouTube itself.

Furthermore, Thumbnail Test lets you perform these A/B Tests daily or hourly — something that only our tool can do.

Besides, we're always here for you! Shoot any question and we'll gladly help 😇

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