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Examples of creators reviving old YouTube videos

Here are a couple of examples of people who've taken under-peforming videos and turned them around πŸš€
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Thumbnail Test takes your old videos and makes them relevant again. Just by updating the thumbnail + title!

FAQs: A/B Tester for Old Videos

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What kind of improvements can I expect?

You can expect improvements in click-through rates, viewer engagement, and potentially rediscovery by a new audience.

It's just like you've re-uploaded the video... But without doing it!

Will these changes affect my video's ranking?

Realistically, your video can only go up in ranking. Nothing can go wrong β€” worst case worst, you would've never updated the video, right?

Positive changes in engagement and click-through rates can indeed improve a video's ranking and visibility on YouTube.

Can I revert changes if needed?

Yes, absolutely! If you're not satisfied with the test results, you can easily revert to the original thumbnail and title.

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