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A/B Testing Features

Here's what you can do with your team in Thumbnail Test

FAQs: Collaborative A/B Testing

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How to collaborate in YouTube A/B Testing?

1. Invite your teammates to the Channel
2. Share access over Analytics
3. Select a video to A/B Test
4. Assign roles and start A/B Test together

How many members can I invite?

You have to be on the Pro Plan to invite 3 team members. On the Basic Plan, you've only got one seat.

  • Basic Plan: 1 Member
  • Pro Plan: 3 Team Members
  • Business Plan: 3 Team Members (extra seats: $9/mo)

More on this can be found on our Pricing Page.

How many tests can we run?

Thumbnail Test lets you run unlimited A/B Tests for YouTube thumbnails and titles.

This goes for all our pricing plans!

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