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Thumbnail Test works in the background to see which videos your audience is most likely to click

FAQs: Daily and Hourly A/B Tester

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How long should I run an A/B test?

A good rule of thumb is to run the test until you have statistically significant data, which might take a few days to a week.

The length can vary depending on your video's typical view count and the differences in performance.

Can I test both thumbnails and titles at the same time?

Yes, absolutely. Our software helps you run A/B Tests for thumbnails + titles at the same time, for every video.

Can I stop a test early?

We store all the thumbnails you upload.

Every day at midnight (or every hour throughout the day), we change the thumbnail on your chosen video to the next thumbnail in the list.

At the end of the test, we look back at the click-through rate, views, and other stats each thumbnail got, and give you that data to decide which thumbnail performed the best.

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