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A/B Tester for Entrepreneurship Channels on YouTube

Boost your videos about businesses through thumbnails. Find the perfect one for each video!
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A/B Tester for Entrepreneurship Channels on YouTube
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More clicks → Better business

Entrepreneurs should focus on putting out more videos — and Thumbnail Test is the helping hand to boost engagement rates, including for older videos. Our software will help you find what videos your audience is more likely to click, as a great thumbnail really makes a difference.

  • What it does: Consider it your startup for content strategies, offering A/B testing for different thumbnails or titles on your videos to see which grabs more aspiring entrepreneurs’ attention.
  • Why it’s crucial: Standing out is key to capturing attention. The right thumbnail or title can spark interest, encouraging viewers to engage with your insights and advice.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Skip the speculation. Use solid data to uncover which elements of your entrepreneurship content (like business topics, success stories, or motivational quotes) resonate most with your target audience, steering your channel’s growth with precision.
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1. Upload Thumbnails

Select 2 → 10 images to test for your video. The more different from each other, the better the test will be!

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3. Get ready & Start

Customize your test's settings and begin it. For instance, choose how often it should take place — hourly, daily, weekly etc.

3. Find the Winning Thumbnail

Our analytics based on your target audience will tell you which thumbnail suits your video best.

What people say about Thumbnail Test 

"Has helped me get millions of views I otherwise would not have gotten"
Jake Thomas
“I changed the thumb on a vid that was stuck at 15k views after 21 days and it took off and hit 120k.”
Machining and Microwaves
YouTube Channel
"This tool would be an absolute must for anyone that takes Youtube video creation seriously."
Chris Bolson
“I changed my thumbnail on YouTube because I wasn’t getting any views - and my video exploded.”
From 40k views → 1.5M views
Nolan Molt
Think Media
"These tests have lead to me blowing up some of my older videos that were dead"
Marcus Jones

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

We store all the thumbnails you upload.

Every day at midnight (or every hour throughout the day), we change the thumbnail on your chosen video to the next thumbnail in the list.

At the end of the test, we look back at the click-through rate, views, and other stats each thumbnail got, and give you that data to decide which thumbnail performed the best.

What is A/B Testing?

Normally, an A/B test is when you show 100 people something, 50 see A and 50 see B, then you judge if A or B is better based on their reactions.

Therefore, a thumbnail A/B test means we show thumbnail A for one day/hour, then thumbnail B for one day/hour, and repeat that for a couple weeks.

At the end, we see which thumbnail more people clicked on.

How much do I have to do?

1. Pick a video
2. Upload your thumbnails/titles
3. Hit "start"

Then, just wait until the test is over. That's it! 

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