YouTube A/B Testing Tool

A/B Tester for Gaming YouTube Channels

Don't just guess. Use real analytics to find out which thumbnails and titles are best for your gaming videos.
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A/B Tester for Gaming YouTube Channels
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The easier way to grow a Gaming Channel

Manually testing yourself takes time and lots of energy. Thumbnail Test makes it easier with automated A/B Testing for your gaming channel.

  • What It Is: It’s like trying on two outfits to see which looks better. Creators can test two different thumbnails for the same video to see which one gets more clicks.
  • Why It’s Cool: Thumbnails are the first thing viewers see. A great one can make someone click; a bad one, not so much. This testing helps find the winner.
  • How to do it: You set up two thumbnails (A and B) for a video → YouTube shows them to different viewers to track which one gets more clicks.
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1. Add Thumbnails

Upload at least two thumbnails. Don't be shy, make them very different from each other!

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2. Set your Rules

Select your video and customize the test's rules (e.g. weekly or hourly). Unleash all that creativity and let our system take care of it.

3. Test & Winner

Our software sends your thumbnail variants to a couple of users from your audience. The one bringing you the most clicks remains set for the video.

What people say about Thumbnail Test 

"Has helped me get millions of views I otherwise would not have gotten"
Jake Thomas
“I changed the thumb on a vid that was stuck at 15k views after 21 days and it took off and hit 120k.”
Machining and Microwaves
YouTube Channel
"This tool would be an absolute must for anyone that takes Youtube video creation seriously."
Chris Bolson
“I changed my thumbnail on YouTube because I wasn’t getting any views - and my video exploded.”
From 40k views → 1.5M views
Nolan Molt
Think Media
"These tests have lead to me blowing up some of my older videos that were dead"
Marcus Jones

Frequently asked questions

Does it work for Titles as well?

Yes, you can A/B Test titles for your gaming videos. It works just the same!

Can I A/B Test Live Gaming Streams?

Yes, it is possible to A/B Test live gaming streams. Thumbnail Test lets helps you split test the thumbnail + title of your stream.

How long should an A/B test run?

Tests should run long enough to gather significant data, usually a few weeks, depending on your channel's traffic and the variability of views.

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