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A/B Tester for Vlogging YouTube Channels

Decide which thumbnails + titles are better for your vlogs. Simple tool, great outcomes.
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A/B Tester for Vlogging YouTube Channels
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Optimize your Vlogging Channel in 1 click…

Thumbnail Test gives you a proven-to-work trick that’ll improve all of your videos. A/B Test your old and new videos to boost the click-through rate through thumbnails and titles.

  • What It’s All About: Imagine you’re choosing between two photos for your profile pic. That’s what this is, but for your video thumbnails. You test two designs to see which one gets more clicks.
  • Importance: Thumbnails are like billboards for your videos. A compelling one can significantly boost views and engagement.
  • The Process: You pick a video, whip up two thumbnail options (let’s call them A and B for the test), and use Thumbnail Test to alternate them to different segments of your audience. Then, our tool tracks which thumbnail pulls in more viewers.

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1. Insert your Thumbnails

Upload at least two thumbnails (and write alternative titles if you want to).

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2. Customize the Test

Decide how often the A/B Test should happen — hourly, weekly, you name it.

3. Winner Thumbnail

Once the system collects enough data, the winner thumbnail will be decided for the video.

What people say about Thumbnail Test 

"Has helped me get millions of views I otherwise would not have gotten"
Jake Thomas
“I changed the thumb on a vid that was stuck at 15k views after 21 days and it took off and hit 120k.”
Machining and Microwaves
YouTube Channel
"This tool would be an absolute must for anyone that takes Youtube video creation seriously."
Chris Bolson
“I changed my thumbnail on YouTube because I wasn’t getting any views - and my video exploded.”
From 40k views → 1.5M views
Nolan Molt
Think Media
"These tests have lead to me blowing up some of my older videos that were dead"
Marcus Jones

Frequently asked questions

What is A/B Testing for YouTube Vlogging?

It's a method where two versions of a thumbnail (A and B) are tested against each other to see which one performs better in terms of attracting more views and engagement.

Can A/B testing affect my video's ranking on YouTube?

A/B testing primarily impacts how viewers respond to your thumbnails, which can influence your video's click-through rate.

Higher click-through rate can positively affect your video's visibility and ranking.

What metrics should I look at to determine the winning thumbnail?

Focus on click-through rate (CTR), watch time, and engagement metrics like likes, comments, and shares. The thumbnail leading to better performance in these areas is generally the winner.

However, don't worry — our system does all of that for you.

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