YouTube Thumbnail Checker: How To See Before Live (2024)

Article last updated on:
May 21, 2024

In this guide, we’re showing you how to:

  • Preview how your YouTube video’s thumbnail will look like…
  • Without having to upload it to your video!

We’re using an online tool called Thumbnail Check — it’s 100% free and just so simple!

How to Preview YouTube Thumbnails (free)

Highlighting how to preview YouTube thumbnails
  1. Go to Thumbnail Check
  2. Upload your thumbnail
  3. Write a title and your channel’s @username
  4. Click Show Me

Thumbnail Check now shows how your thumbnail will look on Youtube before even uploading it.

The best part: You can write your video’s (potential) title to see what it looks like combined with your thumbnail. Pretty cool, huh?

If you’re not looking to see how your thumbnail will look without uploading it, we think you may be looking for A/B Testing (to test your thumbnail).

Another Meaning: A/B Testing

Thumbnail Checking is also known as Thumbnail Testing — something our tool can do for you!

Thumbnail Test Homepage

Here’s what you can do with it:

  1. Unlimited A/B Testing: Offers continuous thumbnail and title testing.
  2. Automatic Analytics: Collects performance data automatically.
  3. Flexible Testing Intervals: Allows daily or hourly tests.
  4. Detailed Analytics: Delivers insights to optimize thumbnails and titles for better engagement.

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