How To Use Thumbnail Test

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June 11, 2024

This is the official guide on how to use Thumbnail Test (the best A/B Tester for YouTube videos).

As one of the app’s co-owners, I’ll show you how to use this simple tool.

What is the Best Tool to A/B Test on YouTube?

The answer is easy: Thumbnail Test.

Using Thumbnail Test to A/B test any YouTube video’s thumbnail + title will save you time, help you understand your audience, and grow your channel(s).

Those are just a few of the many benefits Thumbnail Tests has.

How do I use Thumbnail Test?

  1. Sign up for a Thumbnail Test account
  2. Select a video
  3. Begin the A/B test: for thumbnails, titles, or both
  4. Set the test’s duration
  5. Finish → Track progress in the Analytics tab
Screenshot from Thumbnail Test’s dashboard

You’ll need to upload a few thumbnails and/or add a few titles per video.

✨ Let our system do its magic, then see the results!

Using the Thumbnail Test Extension

We’ve also got a Google Chrome Extension: Thumbnail Test — if you’re on Chrome and you wanna check analytics for your tests…

Try it out in 5 simple steps:

  1. Go to the Chrome Web Store
  2. Look up “Thumbnail Test”
  3. Click our extension
  4. Select “Add to Chrome”
  5. Start grabbing analytics in 1 click
ThumbnailTest - Chrome Extension


This should be enough info to get your started.

Got any questions? Please LMK by clicking the live-chat bubble in the bottom-right corner of this page.

You’ll then get connected with our support team. We’re always more than happy to help!

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Thumbnail Test

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