YouTube Thumbnail: How To Improve CTR (By An Expert)

Article last updated on:
April 10, 2024

This guide teaches you how to:

  • Improve your click-through-rate on YouTube videos…
  • Simply through thumbnails
  • So you can revive even your old videos

We won’t bore you with stuff you know already.

How to improve CTR for YouTube Thumbnails

The short answer is: You need to make simple, straight-to-the-point thumbnails and A/B Test them to find which one’s most relevant.

Let’s break down each step.

1. Make them more Unique

Facts & Stats YouTube Thumbnail Style - Example from Vox
  • Eye-Catching Visuals: Use bright colors, high contrast, and clear, high-resolution images.
  • Faces: Show your own or use a relevant face that sparks emotion.
  • The “X Factor”: Incorporate a surprising element or something unusual to make your thumbnail stand out.

2. Clear scope → Don’t use many Words

YouTube Thumbnail with Text Overaly - "2023, A Look Back" from Vox
  • Directly Relevant: The thumbnail image should directly relate to your video’s content.
  • Text Overlay: Include clear and concise text using bold fonts and contrasting colors. This is your chance to introduce the video’s topic or highlight a key benefit.
  • Keep it Simple: Avoid cluttering your thumbnail with too much text or busy visuals.

3. A/B Test to find the Winner

Illustration of thumbnail testing on YouTube
  • Test Different Thumbnails: Use Thumbnail Test to see which thumbnails perform best for your audience. Consider A/B testing different variations to see which gets more clicks.
  • Track Your CTR: Monitor your click-through rate over time and aim to constantly improve it. There’s no magic CTR number, but any improvement over your average is a win.

That’s it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Click-Through-Rate for Thumbnails?

According to YouTube, between 2% and 10% is a normal range for impressions click-through rate (CTR) for half of all channels and videos on the platform.

  • Smaller channels or videos might have more fluctuations in CTR due to a smaller sample size.
  • The age of a video can also affect CTR → Newer videos might see a higher CTR initially.
YouTube's advice on thumbnail CTR
YouTube’s advice on thumbnail CTR

Find more info in Google’s official guide: Impressions & click-through-rate FAQs.

The image above is taken from that article.

What is a good CTR for thumbnails?

A good CTR for thumbnails on YouTube is anything above your channel’s average. YouTube states that anywhere between 2-10% is a normal range.

For instance, here’s where a good thumbnail CTR starts:

  • If 3% of your viewers click your video…
  • A good Thumbnail CTR starts at +4%.

Just has to be equal or above.


That’s all you have to know on improving CTR through thumbnails.

We really hope you found this guide helpful!

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