Money in YouTube Thumbnail: Good or Bad? (2024)

Article last updated on:
April 20, 2024

In this guide, we’re arguing if you should:

  • Include $$$ symbols in your thumbnail
  • Add any sort of money/figures/price tags in the image
  • Or if you shouldn’t

This’ll be short. Let’s go!

Should I add Money in My Thumbnail?

Yes, but only if it makes sense to maintain your audience’s trust. Never clickbait with money through your thumbnail just to get some views.

It’s better adding money in your titles.

Nobody likes it when they’re baited with money just to find out it’s fake news.

Good Example of Money in Thumbnail

YouTube thumbnail with price tags — example from Donut Media

Why this is a great thumbnail:

  • The original price is cut: To show you how much it used to cost
  • Green, eye-candy price: Makes you wonder what happened that it costs $30k now
  • Title is a paid actor: Now you get the full context — so you’re just curious to click

If you, as a creator, are not falling for this trick, rest assured — almost 2 Million people did.

That could be your target audience once adding the price tags in the thumbnails!

Pros & Cons: $$$ in Thumbnails

Money in ThumbnailProsCons
1. Grabs AttentionHigher chances of getting viewsPercepted as clickbait
2. Highlights ValueYour message is straight-forwardLowers credibility if the video is not about $$$
3. RelevanceDepends on your video’s contextMay be irrelevant for some topics

Let’s break it down.

1. Pros

  • Grabs Attention: Money can be a visually striking element that can make your thumbnail stand out in a crowded search.
  • Highlights Value: If your video is about saving money, making money, or getting a good deal, a price tag can send that message quickly.

2. Cons

  • Clickbait Risk: Overusing money symbols or unrealistic price tags can come across as clickbait and turn viewers away.
  • Lowers Credibility: If your video isn’t actually about saving a ton of money, a giant price tag might mislead viewers.
  • Not Always Relevant: If your video isn’t directly related to finances, a price tag might be confusing or out of place.

What to do: Instead of adding Money

The best alternative to adding money in your thumbnail is to add it in the title. Use the thumbnail to showcase what you’re comparing or reviewing, and the title for the figures.

Here’s a very good example:

  • Focus on Benefits: Instead of a price tag, showcase the benefits viewers will get from watching your video.
  • Use Intriguing Images: Eye-catching visuals related to your video’s topic can be just as effective as money symbols.
  • Clear Title and Description: A clear and concise title and description will tell viewers exactly what your video is about.

Or, you can do both title + thumbnail figures. Check it out:

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, you have to figure out what’s working best for your and your audience.

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