Best Thumbnail Test Alternatives 2024

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June 11, 2024

Looking to replace Thumbnail Test with another A/B Tester?

This guide lays down the best of your options. Together, we’re studying the Pros, Cons, Features, and Pricing for each tool.

Which YouTube A/B Test software to choose?

Picking the right A/B tester will 100% impact the thumbnail’s CTR for all your videos.

With YouTube’s free option and a few other paid tools, it might be challenging to choose your next software. We’ve tested every tool, and we’ll help you pick the best one for your use case.

TOP Alternatives to Thumbnail Test

ToolPricingA/B TestingThumbnailsDuration
Thumbnail Test$29/mo✅ +10/video✅ Daily + Hourly
YouTubeFree❌ 3/video❌ Daily
TubeBuddy$31.50/mo❌ 2/video❌ Daily

There are just 2 alternatives… Because there’s no other working A/B Tester out there — as more tools come out, we’ll update this post.

1. YouTube Test & Compare

Screenshot from YouTube's Test & Compare feature

1.1. YouTube’s Pros & Cons

✅ Official tool in YouTube’s ecosystem❌ Can test just 3 thumbnails/video
✅ Works for Titles + Thumbnails❌ Doesn’t work for titles
✅ Free❌ Just daily A/B tests

1.2. What Thumbnail Test has that YouTube doesn’t

  • Test ∞ thumbnails: You can test +10 thumbnails per video.
  • Hourly & Daily Test: Thumbnail Test lets you do hourly or daily tests.
  • Team Collaboration: Invite your designers, channel managers, or colleagues to help you A/B test your videos.
  • Revive old videos: Automatically boost your old, “dead” videos.

This is just to name a few. Why not try it out and see for yourself?

2. TubeBuddy

2.1. TubeBuddy’s Pros & Cons

✅ Works for thumbnails + titles❌ Paid feature
✅ Advanced analytics❌ Has a learning curve
✅ Daily tests❌ Limited test samples

2.2. Thumbnail Test’s advantages over TubeBuddy

  • Unlimited Tests: Thumbnail Test offers unlimited A/B tests for thumbnails, titles, and combinations of both, allowing extensive testing without restrictions.
  • Hourly and Daily Tests: You can do both. TubeBuddy limits you to daily tests.
  • Boost Old Videos: A simple feature that revives your old content — something that TubeBuddy doesn’t have.
  • Full Thumbnail Swap Automation: Choose a “backup thumbnail” so your videos have a fallback to a preferred image.

So, is Thumbnail Test the best YouTube A/B Software?

Thumbnail Test positions itself as the only A/B test software that genuinely helps you boost all metrics for all your videos.

It’s known for testing both thumbnails and titles at a time – for both new and old videos – to help you find which style performs better.

With the Thumbnail test tool stack, you’re not going to need anything else to do A/B tests.

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