vidIQ vs Thumbnail Test: A Fair Comparison (2024)

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June 03, 2024

You’re likely here because you:

  • Want to use a new YouTube growth tool
  • And you’re not sure which one to choose…
  • vidIQ or Thumbnail Test?

That’s the question we’re about to answer in this comparison.

Regardless of the website you’re reading this on, we want to let you know that this comparison is 100% genuine — our goal is to tell you which tool is actually right for your use case.

Overview: Key Differences

This is the table you’re probably looking for.

FeatureVidIQThumbnail Test
Optimized for Comprehensive Channel Growth
Specialized Thumbnail Optimization
User-Friendly Interface
Real-Time Performance Insights
Instant Thumbnail Feedback
In-Depth Video and Channel Analytics
Title A/B Testing
A/B Testing for Thumbnails
Focused Strategy for Quick Wins

This table is just an overview.

If you want to compare the tools from their core, stick with us — we’ll take you through everything you have to know about them.

Features: vidIQ vs Thumbnail Test

1. Channel Growth

  • VidIQ: Offers tools for overall channel and video optimization, including SEO, analytics, and strategic insights for comprehensive growth.
  • Thumbnail Test: Focuses on improving click-through rates through thumbnail optimization, contributing to channel growth.

2. Thumbnail Optimization

  • VidIQ: Includes thumbnail analysis within a broader set of features, not as a standalone offering.
  • Thumbnail Test: Dedicated platform for thumbnail A/B testing and optimization, providing detailed feedback and insights.

3. Ease of Use

  • VidIQ: Aims for a user-friendly design despite its broad feature set, though it might require some time to master.
  • Thumbnail Test: Simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and conduct thumbnail tests.

4. Performance Insights

  • VidIQ: Provides real-time analytics on video performance, viewer demographics, and engagement metrics.
  • Thumbnail Test: Offers instant feedback on thumbnail performance to help identify the most engaging options for viewers.

5. SEO Functions

  • VidIQ: Comes equipped with comprehensive SEO tools, including keyword research and optimization strategies.
  • Thumbnail Test: Lacks SEO tools, focusing instead on optimizing thumbnails for better engagement and click-through rates.

6. Thumbnail Feedback

  • VidIQ: Limited capability in providing instant feedback focused solely on thumbnails.
  • Thumbnail Test: Specializes in offering immediate insights on thumbnail performance, aiding in rapid decision-making for content creators.

Pricing Comparison

vidIQThumbnail Test
Pricing Range$5 – $159/month$24 – $75/month
Annual SavingsUp to $480Up to 3 months free
Key OfferingsSEO tools, analytics, video ideas, 1-on-1 coachingUnlimited A/B thumbnail/title tests, multi-channel support
Best ForComprehensive channel growth, in-depth analytics, personalized coachingFocused thumbnail/title optimization, quick A/B test results
Comparison Table for Pricing

Let’s break down their pricing plans.

1. vidIQ

vidIQ's Pricing Plans
  • Coaching Plan:
    • Price: $159/month (save $480/year with annual billing)
    • Features: Includes everything in Boost plus 1-on-1 coaching with a YouTube growth coach, personalized growth plans, and access to AI Tools and Analytics.
  • Boost Plan (Most Popular):
    • Price: $24.50/month (save $294/year with annual billing)
    • Features: AI-driven channel audits, 50 daily video ideas, AI description and content generators, unlimited AI title recommendations, 5 trend alerts, and full analytics.
  • Pro Plan:
    • Price: $5/month (save $60/year with annual billing)
    • Features: 10 daily video ideas, keyword research tools, competitor tracking, and optimal posting time insights.

2. Thumbnail Test

Thumbnail Test's Pricing Plans
  • Basic Plan:
    • Price: $24/month (billed yearly, 2 months free)
    • Features: Unlimited A/B tests for thumbnails, titles, and title+thumbnail combinations, daily and hourly tests for 1 channel.
  • Pro Plan (Most Popular):
    • Price: $37/month (billed yearly, 3 months free)
    • Features: All Basic features plus support for up to 3 channels, 3 team members, and premium support.
  • Business Plan:
    • Price: $75/month (billed yearly, 3 months free)
    • Features: All Pro features plus support for up to 10 channels, additional team seats available, and bulk discounts for more channels.

3. Special Offers

  • VidIQ: Does not specify discounts for smaller channels.
  • Thumbnail Test: Offers 40% off the Basic plan for channels with fewer than 10,000 subscribers, promoting growth together.

4. Pricing Summary

  • VidIQ: Offers a range of plans from basic analytics to personalized coaching, catering to various levels of YouTube creators. The Coaching plan provides a unique offering of personalized growth strategies.
  • Thumbnail Test: Focuses on A/B testing with plans accommodating individual creators to larger teams. The special discount for smaller channels encourages growth and accessibility.

When to choose which?

vidIQ if…

  • You’re looking for a broad set of tools for channel and video optimization.
  • In-depth analytics and SEO strategies are crucial for your growth.
  • You value personalized coaching and tailored growth plans.

Thumbnail Test if…

  • Your main focus is on optimizing thumbnails and titles to increase click-through rates.
  • You prefer a tool specifically designed for A/B testing thumbnails and titles.
  • You manage multiple channels and need a straightforward solution for thumbnail optimization.


Genuinely, vidIQ and Thumbnail Test are complementary tools.

Use vidIQ’s insights to create strong thumbnail concepts, then use A/B testing to determine the absolute best performing version for your video.

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