YouTube Thumbnail Portfolio: How To Make Yours (2024)

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April 21, 2024

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We’ll show you the way — it’s really no that hard!

How To Make Your Thumbnail Portfolio

1. Choose your Best Work

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  • Variety is key: Showcase thumbnails from different niches (gaming, beauty, travel) to demonstrate your versatility.
  • Focus on quality: Include only your best work that exemplifies design principles and click-worthy elements.
  • Client favorites: If you’ve worked with clients, prioritize thumbnails that received positive feedback or boosted their channel’s performance.

2. Join a Portfolio Platform - Website Homepage
  • Dedicated Portfolio Website: Build a website specifically showcasing your thumbnails. This offers maximum control over design and allows in-depth descriptions.
  • Online Portfolio Platforms: Utilize platforms like Behance or Dribbble to reach a wider audience of potential clients and design enthusiasts.
  • Social Media: Share your thumbnails on platforms like Instagram or Pinterest. Use relevant hashtags to improve discoverability.

3. Create a nice Portfolio

Shots on Dribbble
  • First Impressions Matter: Design a clean and user-friendly layout for your portfolio. Easy navigation is crucial.
  • Thumbnail Organization: Categorize thumbnails by niche, project type, or even client (with permission).
  • High-Resolution Images: Ensure thumbnails are displayed in high-resolution for maximum impact.

4. Highlight your Thumbnails’ Impact

  • Context is King: Briefly describe the video’s concept and how your thumbnail design aimed to attract viewers.
  • Metrics Matter (if applicable): Showcase any positive results (increased click-through rates) achieved with your thumbnail designs.
  • Client Testimonials (with permission): Include positive quotes from satisfied clients about your thumbnail design skills.
Highlighting where to add a description to a shot on Dribbble


Your portfolio is an ongoing project — keep it updated with fresh work and adapt it to showcase your evolving design style.

With a captivating YouTube thumbnail portfolio, you’ll be well on your way to attracting new clients and making a name for yourself in the YouTube design world.

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