YouTube Thumbnail Rules: 2024 Standards

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June 03, 2024

Before creating a YouTube Thumbnail, you definitely want it to be in tune with all the rules. Today, we’re explaining them in simple terms.

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Are there rules to YouTube thumbnails?

Yes, there are two main types of rules for YouTube thumbnails: technical specifications and content guidelines.

Google has an official guide with all the rules:

YouTube Thumbnail Policy
Screenshot from YouTube’s Thumbnail Policy

But that’s not the 100% most helpful guide, so let us break it down.

YouTube Thumbnail Rules, Explained

A. Technical Rules

  • Size and Resolution: The ideal size for a YouTube thumbnail is 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels tall, with a minimum width of 640 pixels.
  • Aspect Ratio: Use a 16:9 aspect ratio, which is the most commonly used format for YouTube players and previews. For podcast playlists, you can use a 1:1 square aspect ratio (1280 x 1280 pixels).
  • File Format: Your thumbnail should be uploaded in one of these image formats: JPG, PNG, or GIF.
  • File Size: Keep the file size under 2MB for videos and 10MB for podcasts.

B. Content Rules

This is all related to YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

  • Avoid Shocking Content: Don’t include nudity, violence, or disturbing imagery in your thumbnails.
  • Be Truthful: Your thumbnail should accurately represent the content of your video. Don’t mislead viewers into thinking they’ll see something different.
  • No Clickbait: Avoid using overly sensationalized text or imagery to get clicks.
  • Keep it Clean: Avoid profanity or vulgar language in your thumbnails.


So there you have it — all the rules for thumbnails!

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