YouTube Title Testing: Everything You Need To Know

Article last updated on:
March 12, 2024

Found out about Title Testing on YouTube? Not sure what it is?

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What is Title Testing on YouTube?

YouTube “title split testing” is a method for comparing different versions of a video’s title to see which one performs better.

It helps creators optimize their content and reach a wider audience.

Illustration of thumbnail testing on YouTube

Can you test titles on YouTube?

Yes — but right now, just YouTube’s beta testers have access to split testing. And even with that, the feature is very limited at the moment.

There are third-party tools like Thumbnail Test that offer A/B testing functionalities for various video elements.

Here’s what you can Test on YouTube

YouTube’s split testing feature works just for thumbnails right now. In the future, it will also work for titles and descriptions.

  • Thumbnails: This is one of the most common elements to test. A compelling thumbnail can significantly increase your click-through rate (CTR).
  • Titles: Crafting clear and intriguing titles is crucial for getting people to click on your videos. Use A/B testing to see which titles resonate more with viewers.
  • Descriptions: While not as attention-grabbing as thumbnails and titles, descriptions can still play a role in how people perceive your content. Test different descriptions to see if they influence viewership.

Your best bet now: Thumbnail Test — because it helps you split test titles + thumbnails.

How to Test Titles on YouTube

Screenshot from Creator Insider on YouTube: How YouTube Split Testing Works
  1. Upload a YouTube video
  2. Scroll down to Thumbnail
  3. Click Test & Compare
  4. Select a few titles + thumbnails to split test
  5. Save changes

This is how it works for beta testers — and presumably for mass creators in the near future.

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Title Testing for Everyone

We’ve said it a lot in this guide: split testing isn’t available for everyone. So, third-party apps are your best bet.

Thumbnail Test is a tool that allows YouTubers to test different thumbnails and titles for their videos in order to get the most views and clicks.

  • It works by swapping thumbnails and titles at designated times…
  • And collecting data from your target audience on how each thumbnail or title performs.
  • Users can then see which thumbnail or title performed best and use that information to improve their videos.

Pretty simple, right?


This guide just studied everything about YouTube’s split testing feature.

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