How To Extract A YouTube Thumbnail

Article last updated on:
March 28, 2024

This guide shows you how to extract a YouTube thumbnail.

It’s free and you can do it without any 3rd party tool.

How to Extract YouTube Thumbnails

  1. Open a YouTube video
  2. Copy video’s ID from the URL — it’s the part after “=”
  3. Paste the ID in the URL below

Now the thumbnail will open in a new tab, at its highest quality.

Pro Tip: Below is the video ID which you need to copy.

Highlighting where to find the Video ID In a YouTube URL

Copy that and put it in the “” URL and you’ll extract the image.

Other Terms Referring to Extracting

I just want to mention that this guide teaches you how to extract — that is the same as:

  • Downloading a YouTube thumbnail
  • Pulling up a thumbnail
  • Pick the thumbnail from a video

All these terms refer to the same thing which I just went through with you.

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