All of YouTube’s features released in June 2024

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June 16, 2024
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In a significant update for YouTube creators, several new features have been introduced aimed at empowering channel management and enhancing viewer engagement.

Thumbnail Testing Made Easy: Creators can now leverage Thumbnail Testing to optimize viewer engagement right from the get-go. This feature allows the upload of up to three video thumbnails for testing purposes. Viewers will see different thumbnails, and the winning one will be chosen based on its ability to generate the most watchtime share.

Screenshot from YouTube's Test & Compare feature

This new feature is called Test & Compare.

Detailed Insights for Monetization Appeals: A new enhancement in the monetization appeal process provides creators with detailed feedback. When a video receives a yellow icon, creators can now request a human review and receive timestamps indicating where policy violations occurred. This transparency helps creators understand and avoid future issues related to titles or thumbnails.

Enhanced Creator-Viewer Interaction with Posts: YouTube has broadened access to Posts, enabling creators to engage more directly with their audience. Through polls, text updates, and images, creators can foster a deeper connection and receive feedback from their community, all accessible via the YouTube app’s Create icon.

Streamlined Payment Information: Managing earnings has been streamlined with expanded payment information available in YouTube Studio. Creators can now view payment schedules, track their payment history for the past year, and monitor progress towards their next payment, all conveniently within the app.

These updates underscore YouTube’s commitment to supporting creators by providing robust tools to manage channels effectively and engage viewers more meaningfully. Stay tuned for further updates as YouTube continues to evolve its platform to meet the needs of its growing creator community.

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