YouTube Shorts: A/B Test Thumbnails & Titles

Article last updated on:
May 10, 2024

This guide shows you how to Test & Compare the thumbnails and titles for all your YouTube Shorts.

It’s super easy with Thumbnail Test.

How to A/B Test on YouTube Shorts

  1. Open Thumbnail Test
  2. Choose a Shorts video (or bulk-select)
  3. Begin a test: Thumbnail, Title, or both
  4. Set the frequency for the test
  5. Start
Selecting which Shorts videos to A/B Test through Thumbnail Test

Simply add a few thumbnails/titles, set how often you want them to change (e.g. daily or hourly) and begin the test.

You can then check analytics for your test to see how things are going.

Thumbnail Test makes it so easy! And it also works for Live Streams and normal YouTube videos

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