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March 31, 2024

You’re here because you:

  • Want to publish a YouTube video
  • And need to make an AI-generated thumbnail
  • But you don’t know which app to pick

We’ll help you decide.

Snapshot: Top 3 AI Thumbnail Makers

  1. VEED: Great for fast, AI-driven thumbnail creation. Simple to use with a handy video editor. Full creative features might need a paid plan. Ideal for creators focused on impact with minimal effort.
  2. Canva: User-friendly with a vast array of design tools for engaging thumbnails. Drag-and-drop interface and AI features like background removal make it easy to use. The free version is good for basics, but Canva Pro has more advanced tools.
  3. Thumbnail AI: Simplifies thumbnail creation with AI. Good for those who value speed and simplicity in their design workflow, without the need for complex customizations.

Best AI Thumbnail Generators

Currently, these are the best AI thumbnail generators: VEED, Canva, Thumbnail AI, Fotor, Adobe Spark, Snappa, and VistaCreate (a.k.a. Crello).


Link to the app: Veed.io

Veed.io - AI Thumbnail Maker
AI-Powered Efficiency: Automates the thumbnail design process.Dependence on AI Suggestions: May limit creativity.
Time-Saving: Saves hours on manual designing.Feature Accessibility: Advanced features might be limited to paid plans.
Enhanced Click-Through Rates: Creates visually appealing thumbnails.Learning Curve: Users may need time to familiarize with the tool.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Offers a user-friendly platform with an easy-to-navigate design for creating thumbnails.
  • Pro-Suite Video Editor: Includes a built-in pro video editing app, allowing for comprehensive content creation without leaving the platform.
  • Integration and Customization: Allows for editing and customization of AI-generated thumbnails and videos, including adding music, text, and effects.


  • Free → $100/mo

Why We Picked It: The inclusion of a pro-suite video editor and the ability to easily repurpose content across social media platforms make it a versatile tool for content creators looking to streamline their workflow and improve their online presence.

2. Canva

Link to the app: Canva.com

Canva - AI Image Maker
User-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionalityFree plan limits access to some features and templates
Extensive library of free and paid templates, fonts, and graphicsLimited customization options for complex designs
Integrates with other design tools like Pexels and PixabayNot strictly an AI-powered tool, but offers AI-powered suggestions

Key Features:


  • Free plan with limited features
  • Canva Pro: $12.99/month (includes access to all features and templates)
  • Canva for Teams: Price varies depending on team size (includes brand management tools)

Why choose it: Perfect for beginners or those who want a user-friendly platform with a wide range of design options.

3. Thumbnail AI

Access the tool here: Thumbnail.ai

Thumbnail AI - Website Homepage
Simplifies the thumbnail creation process, making it accessible to users without design skills.Customization options might be limited by the templates and AI suggestions.
Enhances CTR and viewer engagement with eye-catching, professional-quality thumbnails.Overreliance on AI-generated designs could result in less unique thumbnails among users.
Offers a variety of templates and customization options to fit different content styles and preferences.Potential learning curve for users new to AI design tools, despite the ease of use.

Key Features:

  • Ease of Use: Simple interface, no complex design skills needed. Start with text, pick a template, and go.
  • Customization: Lots of templates and design elements to play with, making each thumbnail fit your style.
  • Efficiency: Quick process, big visual impact. Boosts clicks and views without the design hassle.


Why we picked it: By balancing ease of use with a depth of customizable options, Thumbnail AI ensures that your videos capture attention in crowded digital spaces, making it an invaluable tool for boosting engagement and viewership.

4. Fotor

Check it out at: Fotor.com

Fotor - AI Thumbnail Generator
Easy-to-use for social mediaFree plan limits and watermarks
Free templates and stock photosLacks advanced design features
Social media integrationLimited customization for complex designs

Key Features:

  • AI-powered photo editing tools
  • Easy-to-use collage maker
  • Text editing and overlay capabilities


  • Free plan with limited features and watermarks
  • Basic plan: $8.33/month (includes access to premium templates and stock photos)
  • Pro plan: $16.66/month (includes team collaboration features)

Why choose it: A good option for social media managers and content creators who want a user-friendly platform for creating thumbnails and other social media graphics.

5. Adobe Express

Try it out at: Adobe.com/Express

Adobe Express Website
Integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud appsLimited customization vs. Photoshop/Illustrator
Pre-designed templates for social mediaLacks advanced features of pro design software
Easy to share directly to social mediaFree plan limits and watermarks

Key Features:

  • Quick and easy thumbnail creation
  • Integrates with stock photos from Adobe Stock
  • Offers basic animation capabilities


  • Free plan with limited features and watermarks
  • Individual Spark plan: $9.99/month (includes access to all features and premium templates)
  • Spark for Teams: Price varies depending on team size (includes brand management tools)

Why choose it: A good option for those already familiar with the Adobe ecosystem and who want a quick and easy way to create thumbnails.

6. Snappa

Start creating at: Snappa.com

Snappa - Thumbnail Maker
Drag-and-drop, user-friendly interfaceLimited downloads on free plan
Large template libraryLacks advanced professional features
Integrates with Unsplash and PexelsLimited customization for complex designs

Key Features:

  • Thousands of YouTube thumbnail templates
  • Easy to use text editing and overlay tools
  • Social media post scheduling capabilities


  • Free plan with limited downloads
  • Pro plan: $10/month (includes unlimited downloads and access to premium templates)

Why choose it: Perfect for beginners or those who want a user-friendly platform with a wide range of design options and social media integration.

7. VistaCreate (Crello)

Check it out at: Vista.com

VistaCreate - Thumbnail Maker
Affordable pricingLimited free downloads and watermarks
Large library of templatesCluttered interface at times
Animation features for dynamic thumbnailsLacks advanced professional features

Key Features:

  • Extensive library of animated graphics and icons
  • Easy-to-use video editing tools
  • Integrates with social media platforms


  • Free plan with limited features and watermarks
  • Pro plan: $7.95/month (includes unlimited downloads and access to premium templates)
  • Business plan: $19.95/month (includes team collaboration features)

Why choose it: A solid option for those looking for an affordable AI-powered thumbnail creator with animation capabilities.

FAQs: AI Thumbnail Generator

1. What is an AI Thumbnail Generator?

An AI Thumbnail Generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create thumbnails for your videos, most commonly for YouTube. These tools can be helpful for creating eye-catching thumbnails that will grab viewers’ attention and get more clicks.

2. How does an AI Thumbnail Generator work?

An AI thumbnail generator creates images by learning from a vast database of visual content and understanding patterns and styles.

You just give it a description, and it whips up a thumbnail that matches your words.

3. Can I use AI art for YouTube thumbnail?

Yes, you can use AI-generated art for YouTube thumbnails. Just ensure it aligns with YouTube’s guidelines and copyright policies.

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