(2024) Disable Google Doodles: Free, No Extension

Article last updated on:
April 22, 2024

This guide teaches you how to stop seeing Google’s seasonal drawings and images. We’ll show you how to stay with the basic “Google” logo.

This’ll definitely help improve your focus and productivity!

Can Google Doodles be blocked?

Contrary to popular belief, yes — Google Doodles can be blocked. Simply change your Google Chrome theme to a colored theme and they’re gone.

How to turn off Google Doodles

Turn off Google Doodles by clicking your profile picture, selecting the pen icon, and choosing a colored theme.

Highlighting how to change themes in Chrome
  1. Click your profile picture (top-right of the search bar)
  2. Select the Pen icon
  3. Choose a new theme color

Any but the first one — that’s the basic theme which shows you the Doodles.

Once selecting a new theme, you’ll now enjoy a Doodle-free browser:

Google.com home page

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