Productivity: How To Hide YouTube Thumbnails (2024)

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June 03, 2024
  • Distracted by thumbnails?
  • Wasting too much time on YouTube?

This guide introduces you to your new best friend: the thumbnail hider.

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Is there a way to Hide YouTube Thumbnails?

Answer: Yes, you can hide YouTube thumbnails through browser extensions or apps designed to block thumbnails and other images.

Let’s see how to do it!

How to Turn Off YouTube Thumbnails

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Go to the “Web Store” for extensions
  3. Search for “Hide YouTube Thumbnails
  4. Click “Add to Chrome”
  5. Open YouTube → Thumbnails are gone
Chrome Extension that disables YouTube Thumbnails

This is your best option if you’re using Google Chrome.

Other browsers also have extensions and third-party apps like Chrome, so apply the same process for your web browser.

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AI-Made List: Your Other Options

  1. Browser Extensions/Add-Ons: Look for extensions that are specifically designed to hide YouTube thumbnails. Extensions like Turn Off the Lights can dim the entire page, including thumbnails, giving you more control over what you see.
  2. Custom Ad Blocker Filters: If you’re using an ad blocker like uBlock Origin, you can create custom filters to block elements, including thumbnails, on YouTube pages.
  3. YouTube Settings and Features: While YouTube doesn’t offer a direct “hide thumbnails” feature, using YouTube in Restricted Mode can limit the visibility of certain types of content, which might indirectly affect thumbnails visibility.
  4. Custom Scripts: Tech-savvy users sometimes write their own custom scripts to modify web page elements, including hiding thumbnails.

That’s right about it.

Hiding Thumbnails on Mobile Devices

Unfortunately, you can’t disable/hide thumbnails for phones and tablets.

As of today, disabling thumbnails works just for computers.

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