5 Extensions for YouTube Thumbnails (Must Have)

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June 03, 2024

This list contains the best YouTube-Thumbnail-related extensions.

  • Form hiding thumbnails to upgrading yours as a creator…
  • All of these 5 are valuable in their own way.

Regardless: If your spend lots of time on YouTube, these are all for you.

TOP 5: Extensions for YouTube Thumbnails

These are the 5 best YouTube-Thumbnail Extensions: Thumbnail Test, Hide YouTube Thumbnails, ThumbnailViewer, ClickbaitRemover, and BlurredThumbnails.

1. Thumbnail Test

Link to the extension: Thumbnail Test.

Purpose: This Chrome extension aims to automate the process of uploading A/B testing data for thumbnails on YouTube channels. It integrates with ThumbnailTest.com, a tool used for analyzing thumbnail performance.


  • Improves Accuracy: Reduces the risk of errors introduced during manual data entry.
  • Streamlines Workflow: Updates A/B test data in Thumbnail Test with the latest information from YouTube Studio in one go.


  • Limited Functionality: Only works with Thumbnail Test, potentially restricting its use for creators who prefer other analytics platforms.
  • Reliance on Chrome: Requires the Chrome browser to function. Users of other browsers wouldn’t benefit from this extension.

Overall: This Chrome extension offers a convenient solution for YouTubers who use Thumbnail Test for A/B testing thumbnails. It streamlines data collection and upload, saving time and potentially improving accuracy.

2. Hide YouTube Thumbnails

Access it: Hide YouTube Thumbnails.

Chrome Extension that disables YouTube Thumbnails

Purpose: To provide a distraction-free YouTube browsing experience by allowing users to hide, blur, or customize video thumbnails, aiding in focus and content control.


  • Enhances focus by reducing clickbait and visual distractions.
  • Offers customizable settings for different user preferences and contexts.
  • Useful for educational purposes to shield students from inappropriate content.


  • May not fully work with certain ad blockers, leading to compatibility issues.
  • Some settings might not effectively block all distractions.
  • The interface could become too minimalistic, potentially impacting user engagement.

3. ThumbnailViewer

Get it over here: ThumbnailViewer

ThumbnailViewer - Chrome Extension

Purpose: This extension displays a YouTube video’s thumbnail in full size, offering a straightforward way to view and possibly save the thumbnail image.


  • Streamlines the process of viewing YouTube video thumbnails.
  • Improved design with a better icon and optimized screen space usage.
  • Enhanced usability with fixed bugs and removed unnecessary permissions.


  • Limited functionality focused only on displaying thumbnails.
  • Past versions had issues with caching, possibly showing outdated thumbnails.

Read further: How to see a thumbnail in full size.

4. ClickbaitRemover

Get it here: ClickbaitRemover

ClickbaitRemover - Chrome Extension

Purpose: The extension aims to enhance the YouTube browsing experience by replacing clickbait thumbnails with actual video frames and modifying overly sensational titles for a more authentic preview.


  • Reduces clickbait by providing genuine video snapshots and moderated titles.
  • Offers instant customization without needing to refresh the page, available on both desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Supports a healthier YouTube usage by minimizing distractions and sensational content.


  • May cause loading issues with certain thumbnails, particularly for upcoming live streams.
  • Could lead to a perceived decrease in video appeal, making content seem less interesting.
  • Requires user interaction for customization, which may not appeal to all users.

5. BlurredThumbnails

Get it here: BlurredThumbnails

BlurredThumbnails - Extension

Purpose: This extension allows users to blur YouTube video thumbnails selectively for a less distracting browsing experience, with customizable settings based on channel names, keywords, and user-defined whitelists or blacklists.


  • Customizable filtering with options for whitelisting, blacklisting, channel names, and video title keywords.
  • Easy configuration through the extension’s options menu, with instant application of settings.
  • Offers a unique way to minimize distractions or unwanted content on YouTube.


  • Some users may find it challenging to adjust settings or add channels to the blacklist after initial setup.
  • Limited effectiveness on certain pages, like the YouTube homepage, according to some users.
  • May require toggling or adjusting settings to avoid blurring searched content while maintaining homepage blur.

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