6 Best YouTube Thumbnail Websites

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April 18, 2024

Here we’re covering the Pros, Cons, Services, and Pricing for 7 of the best websites where you can create YouTube thumbnails. Very related is our post of the best YouTube thumbnail making apps.

This post is different. Here, we’re looking at websites (web apps).

6 Best Websites to Make YouTube Thumbnails

Currently, these are the best websites where you can make YouTube Thumbnails: Canva, Figma, Visme, VEED, Picsart, Snappa.

1. Canva

Link: Canva.com

Canva Thumbnail Maker - Online Landing Page
Canva’s Landing Page: Thumbnail Maker
User-Friendly InterfaceLimited Free Features
Wide Range of TemplatesInternet Dependency
Customization OptionsGeneric Designs (due to popular template usage)
Collaboration FeaturesPerformance Issues (with complex designs/slow net)


  • Template Selection: A vast array of templates tailored for YouTube thumbnails.
  • Customization Tools: Image editing, add text to thumbnails, and overall design adjustments.
  • Cloud Storage: Projects are saved in the cloud, allowing for easy access and management.
  • Integration: Can integrate with other platforms for direct publishing and sharing.
  • Learning Resources: Offers tutorials and guides to help users maximize the use of its features.


  • Free Plan
  • Pro, $120/year for one person
  • Teams, $100/year for one person

Canva also has an Education Plan and special pricing for Non-Profits!

2. Figma

Website: Figma.com

Website Homepage - Figma
Collaborative Design PlatformLearning Curve
Vector-Based ToolPerformance Issues with complex projects
Community Files Available for FreeLimited Offline Capability


  • Design and Prototyping: Tools for UI/UX design, prototyping, and creating high-fidelity designs that are interactive.
  • Community and Resources: Access to a community-driven library of design files and resources which can be used and modified.
  • Collaboration Tools: Features that support team collaboration including comments, version history, and real-time editing.
  • Plugins and Extensions: A wide range of plugins and extensions that enhance functionality and streamline processes.


  • Free Plan
  • Professional – $12/month
  • Organization – $45/month
  • Enterprise – $75/month

Yes, Figma is free for Education too!

3. Visme

Website: Visme.co

Visme.co - Online tool for YouTube Thumbnails
Intuitive Design ToolsLimited Free Version
Rich Content LibraryOccasional Performance Glitches
Customization FlexibilityLearning Curve for Advanced Features


  • Template Selection: Wide variety of professionally designed templates specifically for creating attractive YouTube thumbnails.
  • Extensive Asset Library: Access to millions of stock photos, vector icons, and shapes to enhance designs.
  • Real-time Collaboration: Enables teams to collaborate on projects in real time, improving workflow efficiency.
  • Brand Kit: Allows users to maintain brand consistency across all their designs with custom color palettes, logos, and fonts.


  • Basic: Free
  • Starter: $12.25/month
  • Pro: $24.75/month (for one seat)
  • Enterprise: Contact their sales team

4. VEED (AI)

Website: Veed.io

Veed.io - AI Thumbnail Maker
AI-Enhanced FeaturesSubscription Model
All-in-One PlatformLimited Template Variety
Ease of UseResource Intensity
  • AI Thumbnail Creation: Automated tools that generate thumbnails based on video content, saving time and effort.
  • Video Editing Tools: Comprehensive video editing suite that integrates with thumbnail creation for a seamless workflow.
  • Custom Branding Options: Allows users to add custom logos, fonts, and colors to maintain brand consistency.
  • Collaborative Features: Supports collaboration, enabling teams to work together on projects remotely.


  • Free Plan
  • Basic: $13/month per user
  • Pro: $22/month per user
  • Business: $58/month per user
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing (must speak to sales)

5. Picsart

Website: Picsart.com

Landing page of Picsart's thumbnail maker tool
Extensive Editing ToolsAds and Promotions in Free Version
Rich Library of ResourcesPremium Features Require Subscription
User-Friendly InterfaceOccasional Lag with High-Resolution Images
  • Diverse Template Collection: Offers a variety of templates tailored for YouTube thumbnails to kickstart the design process.
  • Customizable Elements: Users can customize nearly every aspect of their thumbnail to match their specific needs and brand identity.
  • Collaboration Tools: Allows for team collaborations on projects, enhancing productivity and creativity.
  • Mobile and Desktop Accessibility: Accessible on both mobile devices and desktops, providing flexibility in where and how users can create their thumbnails.


  • Free Plan
  • Plus: $5/month
  • Pro: $7/month
  • Enterprise: Custom

6. Snappa

Website: Snappa.com

Screenshot of Snappa.com - Online Graphic Design Tool
Speed and SimplicityLimited Free Version
High-Quality TemplatesNo Advanced Editing Tools
Direct Social Media IntegrationResource Library Could Be More Extensive


  • Thumbnail Creation: Specialized tools and templates for creating YouTube thumbnails.
  • Graphic Design Features: Basic graphic design tools including text overlays, icons, and photo effects.
  • Library of Assets: Access to a library of photos and templates.
  • Team Features: Allows team members to collaborate on projects and share designs easily.


  • Free Plan
  • Pro: $10/month (if billed yearly)
  • Team: $20/month (if billed yearly)

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