MrBeast Surpasses T-Series: 271M Subscribers

MrBeast speaking at a conference, pointing out with a finger while speaking
Article last updated on:
June 04, 2024

MrBeast has 271M Subscribers. T-Series has 266M.

Jimmy Donaldson, known online as MrBeast, has become the most subscribed-to channel on YouTube, surpassing the long-reigning champion T-Series.

MrBeast, famous for his elaborate stunts and giveaways, reached 271M million subscribers, pushing T-Series, an Indian music label, to second place with 266 million. This victory comes after a years-long battle for the top spot.

In 2019, T-Series wrestled the title of most subscribed YouTube channel away from PewDiePie, a popular Swedish YouTuber. PewDiePie jokingly acknowledged the defeat in a music video, highlighting the vast content library of T-Series compared to his individual channel.

MrBeast’s content includes giving away private islands, being buried alive, and recreating popular shows like Squid Game. He’s known for his immense wealth, a significant portion of which he gives away on his channel.

This achievement solidifies MrBeast’s position as a major influencer and could be a boon for both Amazon, which has a TV deal with him, and Elon Musk’s platform X, where MrBeast has found success.

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