YouTube Launches +75 Games in “Playables”

Article last updated on:
May 29, 2024

YouTube is stepping up its game, literally.

Over the past few months, the platform has been testing an innovative feature called Playables, now available to more users in select regions.

“More than 75 games are now available to play directly on YouTube.”

— as per the YouTube Blog

Playables brings a new interactive twist to YouTube. These games are designed to be quick, fun, and engaging. You can also share your favorite games with friends by using the three-dot more menu, save your progress, and track your high scores.

How to access Playables

To explore Playables, head to the YouTube Home page on your desktop or open the YouTube app on your iOS or Android device. Navigate to the Explore menu, and you’ll find a selection of over 75 games ready to play.

Popular titles like Angry Birds Showdown, Cut the Rope, and Tomb of the Mask are just a few options available.

Community Feedback

YouTube values user feedback and encourages you to share your thoughts on Playables. While playing, you can easily provide feedback through the “send feedback” option found in the more menu. Your input will help improve this feature for everyone.

Worldwide Access

  • If you haven’t seen Playables on your YouTube app yet, don’t worry.
  • YouTube is gradually expanding access, so more users will be able to enjoy this feature in the near future.

Keep an eye on your YouTube app and get ready to enjoy a new gaming experience right from your favorite video platform!

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