YouTube CANCELS VPN-Bought Premium Subscriptions

Article last updated on:
June 20, 2024

Latest reports indicate that Google is actively canceling YouTube Premium memberships acquired using VPNs for lower subscription costs.

In the US, individual subscriptions cost $13.99 per month, with a Family plan at $22.99 per month, offering ad-free playback, YouTube Music, and offline capabilities for up to six people.

In certain countries, the subscription fees can be up to 90% lower.

Many users have been exploiting this by using VPNs to connect to regions with cheaper rates, such as Ukraine, where a subscription costs only 99 Ukrainian hryvnia (less than $2.50 per month). This method also requires an international payment card to maintain the subscription beyond the initial sign-up while using the VPN.

This loophole now seems to be closing. Users are reporting that their memberships are being canceled if they signed up using a VPN. One Reddit user confirmed that YouTube support canceled their subscription because their location changed from the original sign-up region.

They were advised to sign up again using a local card and address.

Google hasn’t officially commented on this crackdown, but it aligns with their efforts to prevent service abuse. While using a VPN for cheaper subscriptions isn’t explicitly prohibited in YouTube’s terms of service, it’s clear why Google is shutting down these exploits. Fortunately, this crackdown isn’t leading to account bans—just subscription cancellations.

This move likely signals the end of an era for those who have benefited from this cost-saving workaround.

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