Reply to Super Chat in YouTube Live Streams

Article last updated on:
May 27, 2024

YouTube started A/B Testing a new feature: Replying to Super Chats in Live Streams.

YouTube is testing this feature allowing users to reply to Super Chat messages during live streams and Premieres. Initially available to a small group, this feature enables replies to appear as live chat messages, maintaining their visibility in the live archive. This development builds on the Super Chat function introduced in 2017, which lets viewers purchase highlighted messages to capture the creator’s attention.

YouTube Live Stream comments, highlighting the "reply to super chats" feature
What this feature looks like

The company announced that broader access to the reply feature will be rolled out in the coming months, indicating the testing phase is nearing completion. This update follows YouTube’s recent enhancements to its Dream Track AI-powered tool for creating instrumental-only soundtracks in Shorts.

Stay tuned for more updates on YouTube’s expanding suite of features aimed at enhancing user interaction and creator tools.

Video-Announcement of The Feature

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