Fixed: Blurred/Censored YouTube Thumbnails (2024)

Article last updated on:
March 18, 2024

Why are my YouTube thumbnails censored?

In 99% cases, YouTube censors your thumbnails because they’re not “suitable for audiences”, but it doesn’t mean always that you’re breaking the rules.

VERIFIED INFO: Google says this in their Thumbnails Policy.

Google's take on why YouTube thumbnails are removed

Sometimes it’s just random — not always your fault.

Our Advice: Follow the thumbnails rules and keep them friendly for all audiences.

Possible reasons

  1. Violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines: These guidelines outline what kind of content is appropriate for the platform. Common reasons for thumbnail removal include nudity, sexually suggestive content, violence, or hateful content.
  2. Automatically flagged by YouTube’s algorithms: YouTube’s system scans content to enforce their policies. While this is helpful, it can sometimes make mistakes.
  3. Low-Resolution Image: YouTube recommends a minimum width of 640 pixels and a resolution of 1280×720 pixels for optimal quality. Uploading a smaller image will result in it being stretched to fit the thumbnail space, causing blu.

Make sure your thumbnails don’t contain anything that goes against the guidelines.

FIX: Stop YouTube from Blurring Thumbnails

If the thumbnail doesn’t contain any forbidden imagery, the issue is most likely due to your internet connection.

Most common issues + their solutions:

Issue 🚩Fix ✅
Age RequirementsVerify age settings on your account.
Content PreferencesModify content settings in YouTube.
ExtensionsTurn off or tweak browser extensions.
Cache &CookiesClear browser cache and cookies.
DeviceTest thumbnails on different devices/browsers.
YouTube SettingsCheck YouTube settings for any restrictions.
Outdated YouTube AppUpdate the YouTube app on mobile devices.
Internet SpeedEnsure you have a stable internet connection.

Follow these steps so you’ll create clear, high-quality thumbnails that won’t appear blurry on YouTube.

If you continue to have issues, consider reaching out to YouTube Creator Support for further troubleshooting.


There you have it — the reason why YouTube thumbnails are always blurry.

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