YouTube Thumbnail: How To See in FULL SIZE (2024)

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June 02, 2024

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Is there a Way to View YouTube Thumbnails?

Yes, there are 3 ways to view YouTube thumbnails in their full-size:

  1. Copy the video’s ID → Paste in
  2. Use a Chrome Extension for thumbnails
  3. Right-click > Open in New Tab

How to View YouTube Thumbnail in Full Size

The official way to view a large YouTube Thumbnail is to copy everything after “v=” in the video’s link and paste in this link:

This is the official way because it doesn’t require installing an extension or any 3rd party software.

Method #1: YouTube URL

  1. Open a YouTube video
  2. Click the Link/URL in the search bar
  3. Copy everything after “v=”
Highlighting where to find the Video ID In a YouTube URL

Everything that comes after “v=” is the unique ID for the video.

  • What next: you want to paste that in the link below.
  • In our case: We’d paste this: “jgrXIfJTT2I“.

You should then see the thumbnail in full size:

YouTube Video's Thumbnail, Opened in a New Tab In High-Resolution

There you go!

Now you can copy the video’s thumbnail at its highest-quality.

Method #2: Chrome Extension

Highlighting the "Add Extension" button on Google Chrome

For this example, we’re using View Youtube™ Thumbnail. The process is the same for any other extension:

  1. Open the extension in Chrome Web Store
  2. Click Add to Chrome
  3. Find your desired YouTube Video
  4. Right Click > Open YT Thumbnail
Using a Chrome Extension to ope na YouTube Thumbnail

The thumbnail will now open in a new tab.

It’ll look like this:

YouTube Thumbnail Opened in a New Tab

Essentially: All extensions apply Method #1, but automatically. They do it in seconds so you don’t have to do all of this yourself.

Pretty cool, huh?

Method #3: Open in New Tab

Opening a YouTube Thumbnail in New Tab - God's Plan Music Video
  1. Find a video
  2. Right-click its thumbnail
  3. Select Open Image in New Tab

The picture will open as requested.

One issue with this option: Thumbnail won’t open in full-screen, or at the largest quality. This is why we’ve ranked “Open in New Tab” as the last option.

YT Thumbnail in New Tab - Drake God's Plan Video

That’s it.

Looking for High-Quality YouTube Thumbnails?

You might want to see a video’s thumbnail in full-size so you can properly check it and get inspiration for your own thumbnails.

Thumbnail Test can help you figure out which thumbnail is best for your videos.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Connect your YouTube channel
  2. Upload 2 → 10 thumbnails
  3. The tool sends Thumbnail #1 to a few users…
  4. Thumbnail #2 for a few other viewers…
  5. And so on
  6. Whichever thumbnail’s performing best remains set for the video.


This guide studied the 3 most reliable ways to see a YouTube video’s thumbnail in full size.

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